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The Team

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BC pre-registered Clinical Counsellor

Hi, I am a BC pre-registered clinical counsellor offering reduced-fee sessions online only ($135/45 mins.) to BC clients. I work with adults and couples, and I also love working with children and teens but online sessions can be challenging for that age range. Please reach out if you’d like to consult on whether this could work for your child.

My pronouns are she/her and as a cis/het woman I aim to be a humble ally. I am a mom of teenagers, with personal experience of ADHD and giftedness, and with 18 years as a BC certified teacher under my belt I have a passion for working with those who are neurodiverse (ADHD, autistic, RSD, PDA, sensory challenges and learning disabilities, etc.).

I hope you will find sessions with me are conversational and warm. Sometimes life is so challenging, and societal pressures or negative thoughts and anxieties can hinder us from being our authentic selves. Let’s identify what you are doing right and build on that! I utilize IFS, EFT and AEDP interventions that are rooted in attachment theory.

I look forward to being here for you and supporting you to identify your needs.

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