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The Team

Who We Are

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Ontario Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) 

Areas of Specialty: Individual counselling, Relationship difficulties, Stress, Anxiety & Depression, Personal Growth and Recovery, Divorce & Separation Support, Self-Esteem and Life Purpose & Direction.

Languages Spoken: English, Arabic العربيه 

Ereny strives to provide a compassionate, non-judgmental, and safe environment for you to share your personal experiences and challenges. She hopes to accompany you along your journey to explore and deal with any ambiguous feelings that may occur in various situations in our lives. From an EFT and CBT, SFT approaches, we will work together to collaboratively discover your fears, vulnerabilities and difficulties to set long-term plans and solutions. She is passionate about helping couples reconnect and build long loving relationships. From a culturally responsive, personal experience and social justice lens, Ereny is fully aware of how experiences in the cultural and socio-economic context impact our physical and mental health. Ereny’s primary goal is to encourage you to bring awareness to emotions, behaviours, and environmental factors that may interfere with your ability to maintain a complete, authentic, and meaningful life. Ereny’s medical background allows her to obtain appropriate knowledge about general health and well-being.


Ereny has a Spiritual Counselling Diploma from the USA. She has had the privilege of coming from a different country and occupying different jobs that allow her to experience meaningful engagement with many people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, and life stages. Interacting with diverse cultures has profoundly enhanced her compassion and humility for all humanity. This invaluable experience has shaped her personal journey towards helping others seek clarity and direction, finding balance and a deeper understanding of oneself. 

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