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Clincical Supervision


Our Clinical Supervisor Joseph Wong welcomes you.

Joseph Wong & Associates Counselling is a Clinical Supervisor, Practicum Site, Internship Site for Yorkville University MACP, City University MC, BCACC and CRPO.

Call or Email us for our detailed curriculum & and costs.

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Approved Practicum and Internship Site for Yorkville University MACP and City University MC.

Our Practicum School (100% virtual) provides a systematic, highly structured and group-work approach to guide MACP and MC students (and non-student supervisees) through their practicum journey. It's designed in a modular way with optional extra support. It is suitable for both students with NO previous experience in the mental health field and students who already have decades of professional work experience.

Our school is uniquely designed in a structured and modular way. You can choose to receive clinical supervision once a week or up to 5 times a week.

You will be starting in a cohort with other students with support and group work, rather than alone in your practicum journey.

We provide above and beyond the "minimum graduation-required" Counselling and Supervision hours and Competence throughout a 8 month practicum period to support practicum students to fulfill:
-Yorkville University MACP practicum requirements 

-City University MC internship requirements
-BCACC RCC registration requirements
-CRPO RP Qualifying registration requirements - it will usually take longer than the 8 month practicum to achieve the RP requirements

Our Supervision, Instructions and Curriculum are highly structured, systematic, and straightforward easy-to-follow, compared to many other sites' laissez-faire unstructured model. We prepare our students for both graduation and post-graduation confidence and employment.


Our practicum school runs on 3 goals:

-your MACP and MC practicum completion and graduation

-your psychotherapy and counselling competence

-your private practice preparation 


Our practicum school consists of 3 elements to achieve our stated goals: Weekly Individual Supervision (once a week), Weekly Group Supervision (4 times a week), and extra Weekly Practicum School (a rigorous 32 weeks curriculum covering the basics and the most common evidence-based modalities). 


Our clients (your clinical practice) are diverse and tend to have complex clinical presentations and concerns: an excellent training setting for both future private practice and complex care in hospital clinical settings. 

Our clients are adults for individual, couple and family (100% virtual) counselling. We would provide you with more than enough clients.

Our students can choose their own flexible counselling schedule as if they were in private practice. You can choose Part Time or Full Time.


We provide support to our students both within and outside office hours.

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Weekly Practicum School & Group Supervision - open to both students and non-students supervisees.

-Weekly 45min

-Q&A, instructions, group exercises
-Interns discuss videos, notes, cases, assessments, counselling plans and receive constructive feedback and supervision

-Gain hours towards: Yorkville practicum requirements, BCACC RCC registration requirements, and CRPO RP registration requirements

32 weeks Curriculum:

The Fundamental: assessment, counselling rundown, DSM 5, etc. (10 weeks)


-Socratic questioning

-CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (10 weeks)

-DBT Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (10 weeks)

-If time allows: CPT Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD, EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for trauma, EFT Emotions Focused Therapy for couples therapy

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Secondary Supervision - open to both students and non-students supervisees.

We support counselling interns who already have their primary practicum site and primary Clinical Supervisor, but looking for further supervision, guidance and hours.

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Tutoring & paper editing for MA and PHD psychology students

In academic studying, when the going gets tough, there are more useful solutions than "dig deep", "try hard", and "spend more time". We provide systematic tutoring services to help you develop skills beyond raising grades "C to B", "B to A" but to study more effectively and efficiently so you can understand the material and it’s application.

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