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ICBC Counselling Funding
ICBC 保險心理輔導福利

Getting involved in a car accident could provide both physical and psychological trauma which requires professional medical attention. In British Columbia, ICBC accident benefits fund counselling sessions if you are injured in a car accident, no matter if you are a driver, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist AND no matter if you are at fault or not at fault for the car accident.

Our Counsellors are Approved ICBC Provider. We will direct bill ICBC (and you do not have to pay anything). We can assist you to apply for the funding.

ICBC funding also supports a wide variety of services such as:

=Massage (RMT)

-Income replacement

-Caregiver benefit

Our Counsellors could assist you in your application.

車禍可能會造成身心創傷,需要專業的醫療照顧。在不列顛哥倫比亞省,如果你在車禍中受傷,無論你是司機、乘客、行人還是騎自行車的人,也無論你對車禍有過錯還是沒有過錯,ICBC 保險會資助你心理輔導。

What are some psychological symptoms you could experience after a car accident?

-Inability to extract enjoyment from everyday activities
-Withdrawal from social events and human contact
-Mood swings ranging from anger to frustration to guilt
-High levels of stress and anxiety
-Nightmares and disrupted sleep patterns such as insomnia
-New fears or phobias developing (such as fear of riding in a car)
-Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD

- 退出社交活動和人際交往
- 情緒波動,從憤怒到沮喪再到內疚
- 高度的壓力和焦慮
- 噩夢和擾亂的睡眠模式,如失眠
- 出現新的恐懼或恐懼症(例如害怕坐車)

-創傷後壓力症候群 PTSD

How much does it cost for ICBC counselling?
ICBC 心理輔導費用是多少?

ICBC covers 100% and you do not have to pay anything extra.

ICBC 100% 資助你心理輔導,你無需支付費用。

How do I apply for ICBC counselling benefits and how many ICBC counselling sessions will they cover? 
我如何申請 ICBC 心理輔導福利, 以及它們將涵蓋多少次 ICBC 心理輔導?

You can contact us with your full legal name, birth date, accident date and ICBC claim number. Our counsellors will direct bill ICBC for you for your convenience. There is no overall limit to the number of ICBC counselling sessions. Our Counsellors could assist you in your application.

你可以向我們提供你的法定全名、出生日期、事故日期和 ICBC 號碼。為了你的方便,我們的心理輔導員會為你直接向 ICBC 收費。 ICBC 的心理輔導福利次數沒有總體限制。

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