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Over the years, we have had the privileges to get inspired and educated by many charitable individuals and philanthropists to the importance of social advocacy and community building. We have kickstarted a few small initiatives to support our local communities.

During my childhood, there was a Chinese saying家治國平天下 

"First cultivate the self, then take good care of your family, then carefully govern your state, then lead the world to peace."


While daily counselling focuses on personal growth and positive changes, we hope our modest projects would extend from self to others, to the larger communities.

We are continually looking for volunteers for our projects. Contact us for details!

Free Counselling Society Canada

Free Counselling Society Canada FCSC is a registered not-for-profit founded by a small team of experienced Counsellors and Counsellor Supervisors to connect Clients located in Ontario, BC, Alberta and Canada-wide with financial barriers to free counselling provided by Counselling Interns (supervised by their Counsellor Supervisors) with a minimal waitlist. 

Family at home

Climb and Conquer Society Canada

Climb and Conquer CNC is a registered charity that provides free-of-charge access of Indoor Rock Climbing (in Vancouver BC) and free-of-charge Clinical Counselling (Canada-wide) to children and youth and their parents so they can use climbing to empower themselves physically, mentally and spiritually to overcome challenges and achieve big objectives. We believe in access for all and we use program donations to fully subsidize families in need. We are open to ALL youth age 5-19.

High Fives
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